The finest art of human history was handcrafted by the Greek and Roman artists during the Classical Antiquity.
PARAVAR was established to revive original ancient artworks in rare Near Mint condition.
The company and all manufacturers are located in South Germany.
The world of politics was rocked by wars, revolution and the end of the monarchy in many countries. The Modern era is a cumulation of millions of years of human development.
The Early Modern Era saw a resurgence of the values and philosophies from the Classical Antiquity. The European Renaissance occurred during this period, as well as the discovery and colonization of the Americas.
The downfall of the Roman Empire marks the end of Antiquity and the beginning of the Medieval or Middle Ages. The Eastern-Roman Empire with its capital Constantinople, present day Istanbul, lasted until AD 1453, it is known to us as the Byzantine Empire.
In Fine art, Classical Antiquity defines the flourishing period of the Ancient Greek and Roman civilizations and their influence on the cultures in the Mediterranean, Europe, Northern Africa, and West Asia. Their thrive for artistic perfection remains unparalleled in human history.
Antiquity or Ancient history covers all continents inhabited by humans in the period c. 4500 BC - 500 AD. It begins with the oldest coherent texts in Mesopotamia, when humans started writing and recording history. The principal civilizations of early Antiquity are those of Mesopotamia and Egypt.
Pre-literary history covers roughly 3.4 million years of human history. It begins with the use of stone tools and ends with metalworking, known as the Stone, Bronze, and Iron Age.